PHOENIX Roofing offers its customers a choice of roofing systems intended to serve diverse and specific needs.  We work with industry renowned system manufacturers and have selected our products for their quality and longevity.  Though we specialize in low-slope, commercial roofing, we are able to install, repair or replace roofs in many different applications and for many different industries.  We also possess the resources to accommodate large-scale projects, using our high standards of efficiency and cost-effectiveness to keep jobs of any size affordable yet exemplary. 

We have earned our reputation for excellence and are proud of the service we provide, but the foundation of any good roofing job is the roof itself.  We stand behind the products we use, not only for their quality but their versatility and ability to be customized.  From energy-saving metal and green roofs to heavy industrial roofs, our range of product options comes from the same goal that remains our greatest priority in all aspects of what we do: the complete satisfaction of customers.

Whether you have strict specifications for your roof’s thickness, color, surface or composition, one of our systems is sure to give you the necessary requirements.  Though each system differs greatly from the others, each possess its own advantages in certain applications.

For example, EPDM is a widely used and flexible roofing material resistant to weather and many other environmental factors.  Thermoplastics can be formulated in a variety of chemical compositions and can therefore be manufactured to resist different chemicals or environmental factors.  Both are available with warranties as long as 30 years, when installed according to manufacturers’ guidelines.  Built-up roof systems, recognized for their longevity, are resistant to natural elements and chemicals.  Modified Bituminous roofs are heavyweight and can be made from many different materials.  Green roofs can filter pollutants, and metal roofs can reduce energy costs.  Please read more about each roofing system and the advantages each provides.